SA Government

Office for Women

The Office for Women works toward achieving gender equity and positive change for women in South Australia by collaborating across government and the community. Young people are disproportionately affected by domestic, family and sexual violence and Committed to Safety: A framework for addressing domestic, family and sexual violence in South Australia recognises that young people may experience or engage in these types of violence and are not just passive witnesses to adult behaviour.  The priorities of the former Youth Safety Strategy are reflected in the framework.

Resources related to young people’s experiences of domestic, family and sexual violence are available here and on the Office for Women’s site.

Information and services for South Australians - SA.GOV.AU

SA.GOV.AU is the best place for South Australian citizens and businesses to find government services and information. Just search ‘youth’ or ‘young people’ and you’ll find a wealth of resources and services available across the state.

Department of Human Services (DHS)

DHS have a number of key strategies and services that support safety, equality, opportunity and justice for all South Australians, including young people.

Department for Education

The Department for Education aims to achieve quality learning and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people. The department manages South Australia’s public education system, with the goal of delivering world-class primary and secondary education in all areas of the curriculum. They also work closely with families to ensure our most vulnerable children and young people are supported and protected so they can grow up to be their best.

Department for Innovation and Skills (DIS)

DIS have responsibility for policy, funding and operation of the state’s vocational education and training system as a whole. Head to their website to find out more about what’s on offer for young people across the state.

Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN)

WCHN is South Australia's leading provider of health services for children, young people and women. The WCHN works in partnership with clients and families, the community and other service providers to promote, maintain and restore health. Head to their website for a full list of services and support.