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youthconnect South Australia’s Youth Strategy 2010-2014, released by the Minister for Youth (media release (PDF 95.3 KB)) on Friday 19 November 2010, provides a framework and action plan to guide the delivery of government programs and services for young people during the four year period of the strategy.

It brings together the significant amount of work the government is already delivering for young people, with a range of new initiatives, under the key priorities of:

  • health and wellbeing
  • education, employment and skill development
  • engagement and participation.

youthconnect responds to identified youth issues and will support and strengthen outcomes for young people aged between 12 and 25 through:

  • an agreed vision for South Australia’s young people
  • guiding principles to underpin policies, programs and service delivery for young people
  • three priority areas and nine goals which reflect key themes raised through the consultation process and the Youth Report - South Australia’s Young People; Emerging Issues and Priorities
  • key actions that the South Australian Government will take over the next four years to improve outcomes for young people
  • a better connected service system and greater access to information and support.

To receive a copy, please call us on +61 8 8207 0452 or email us or download an electronic copy of youthconnect (PDF 7.2 MB).

Youth Report - South Australia's Young People: Emerging Issues and Priorities

The Youth Report - South Australia's Young People: Emerging Issues and Priorities (PDF 2.9 MB) was released in April 2010. The report, complied by the Australian Institute of Social Research in September 2009, was commissioned by the Office for Youth as part of the background research for youthconnect.