The South Australian Government is committed to supporting young South Australians to find a safe place to call home.  The 2015 It Starts with YOUth strategy commissioned SYC Limited to convene a South Australian Youth Homelessness Working Group and to create a new framework for delivering sustainable improvement to the lives of young people in South Australia.

Over the past year, the South Australian Youth Homelessness Working Group has worked together to develop the paper, Pathways: Improving the Economic and Social Participation for Young People Experiencing Homelessness in South Australia (PDF 5.6 MB).

The South Australian Government believes we all have a role to play in reducing youth homelessness.  Addressing factors such as relationship violence or financial distress reduces the likelihood of young people in crisis accessing homeless services. Find out more about our commitments in the 2018 Youth Strategy or check out our past strategies and reports below.

Past Reports