Media and Multiculturalism

Mainstream media portrayals of young people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds often portray a narrow or negative view, and fail to capture the many positive aspects and benefits of our State's incredible cultural diversity. There are limited opportunities in South Australia for young people to develop free, basic skills to generate their own media content. Access to such opportunities can help young people from diverse backgrounds share their own stories, and the stories of their communities.

As South Australia’s only multi-art form organisation dedicated to outcomes by, and for people aged 26 and under, Carclew will support young people in 2018 to develop their storytelling skills, and build their capacity to generate their own media, by producing their chosen story to share with wider audiences.

This project is currently in the development stage. For more information about the project, contact Hannah Allert (Manager, Arts Programs) at Carclew on (08) 8267 5111.