Young Carers

There are an estimated 30,300 young carers in South Australia. While some services are available to them, many young carers are ‘hidden’ as they may still be at school or working while also caring for a loved one.

Carers SA’s 2016 research highlighted that many young carers experience significant social and emotional stress, and that there was a need for evidence-based approaches to supporting young carers.

In 2017, Carers SA piloted a proof-of-concept model, funded through Grants SA. This has further highlighted the need for comprehensive support for young carers, to help them achieve their goals and to ensure they can access support when and where it is needed.

What we will do in 2018

Expanding on Carers SA’s work, in 2018 we will bring together Carers SA and the broader Carer Support Network to explore the next steps toward developing a comprehensive support model for young carers. This model will have a focus on ways to support individual young carers to achieve their goals, and on better integrating government and non-government efforts to meet the needs of young carers across South Australia.

To find out more about this research project, contact Susan Maiorana on (08) 8413 8139 or email Find out more about support for young carers here.