Regional driver's licences

A driver's licence can be critical to getting to and from work, study, sporting, volunteering and social events. Young people who have difficulties getting or keeping a licence can find it hard to compete for jobs, further their study or to remain socially active, especially if they live regionally.

There are different strategies in South Australia to support young people to get and keep a driver's licence. Legitimate safety concerns must be balanced with fair access to opportunities.

What we will do

We will build on state, national and international knowledge about what works best in supporting young people to get and keep their licence, as well as stay safe on the roads. We will focus particularly on those living regionally.

We will use existing resources and lessons learned from programs such as 'Geared to Drive' and 'In Motion' to identify gaps and opportunities for future programs.

For more information about this research project, contact Paula Dickson on (08) 8207 0751 or email