Be a Change Maker

Social Enterprises provide employment opportunities for local people and social benefits for local communities.

They are innovative and inclusive because they are able to trade commercially while still fulfilling social aims by investing profits back into the community. They can be well placed to offer supportive work environments, often with wrap-around services that allow people who might otherwise have difficulty finding a job to join the world of work.

The number of social enterprises in South Australia is growing. However, there are still limited social entrepreneurship programs for young people, especially for those who need a little extra support.

What we will do in 2018

We will find out ways to strengthen young South Australians' access to social entrepreneurship programs. This work could lead to the design and delivery of a program to help young people develop social entrepreneurial skills and networks.

We will also explore future models that provide seed funding for up-and-coming social entrepreneurs.

For more information about this research project, contact Katriona Kinsella on (08) 8413 8178 or email