Cyber safety

Young people today have never known a world without the internet. See the Cybersmart video for facts, figures and advice about staying safe online.

You can find a range of different resources to help you learn more about social networking and how to protect yourself online by selecting the links below.

Top ten online safety tips

  • Keep personal information to a minimum – don’t use your full date of birth.
  • Don’t put your mobile phone number on your profile.
  • Keep identifying information about your private life, including your school, to a minimum.
  • Keep your password private.
  • Use a generic and non-identifying email address.
  • Lock your profile and photo albums – don’t let people you don’t know have access to your photos.
  • Think before posting photos.
  • Always get the permission of others before putting their photos online.
  • Check your profile regularly to check what others have posted or written on your profile.
  • Report abuse, harassment, bullying or inappropriate content to the website and if necessary, your school or police.

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